Since getting to Korea, I have come across a couple of websites that have really helped me plan lessons, get ideas and develop powerpoints, flashcards and worksheets. Now there are tons of websites offering similar help, but many of these are based on small class sizes of at least moderately motivated students. Let’s just say that the public school system in Korea is not quite the same. So I’ve had to dump most of the ideas I got from my TEFL course and look around for new approaches and materials for the 35-odd kids in each of my 32 classes.

So below is a list of websites and other resources that I have found useful in preparing lessons that don’t put my students to sleep, and even, on ocassion, get them excited.


EFLClassroom (by DDeubel)

This is a great resource for teachers working for public schools in Korea, especially in Gyeonggi-do. It has all sorts of powerpoints, worksheets and other materials specifically aimed at public school students. Unfortunately, you’ll need to register to use these resources.

The Internet TESL Journal (ITESLJ)

A great resource for reliable materials, techniques and ideas. Many of the materials have been made with Korean students in mind.

Boggle’s World

This is a great FREE resource for all sorts of lesson ideas and worksheets. I’ve found most of the stuff a little too complex for my students, but the ideas and basic materials are good to sue and adapt.

Genki English

The resources on this site have been developed by an English teacher in Japan. Although you need to adapt the ideas and games a little for the Korean students, I have found that the ideas work great here.

Free ESL Flashcards

Flashcards are very useful for explaining new words and concepts to the students. They are always a hassle to make, so this site takes some of the pain out of the process.

Dave’s ESL Idea Cookbook

This has plenty of ideas for lessons, and this really helps if you are stuck for inspiration. Most of the ideas I get from here need some work to fit into my lessons, but they get the creative juices going.


Here are some materials that I have found useful in many of my lessons. Feel free to download and play around with these.


Jeopardy (Basic prepositions)

Powerpoint jeopardy is fantastic to get the students excited about whatever you have been teaching. They like the competitive aspect of the game, and it is easily adapted for what you want to cover. Source: (This link no longer works. These resources have since been moved to

Baam! (Flags)

This is a great powerpoint game for testing vocabulary. It is also easily adapted for whatever you want to teach or test. Source: (This link no longer works. These resources have since been moved to

Who? What? Where?

A good game for testing prepositions and descriptions. Also easily adapted for other content. Source: (This link no longer works. These resources have since been moved to

The price is right (Hyundai dept store)

A powerpoint game based on an American game show. Useful for practising or testing “How much does this cost?” and other shopping vocabulary. Source: (This link no longer works. These resources have since been moved to


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