Here are some helpful links for sites to check out to find out more about Korea, and teaching English there. Thanks to everyone who has suggested sites for this list!

South Africans in Korea

Facebook – South Africans in South Korea

This is a growing group. When I came to Korea in early 2008, it only had 220 members. Now (early 2009) it has over 500 members, most of whom are living and working in Korea. A good place to ask questions to other South Africans already in Korea or to read information previously discussed on specific topics.

Facebook – South Africans in Korea outside Seoul



During 2008 some South Africans got together and started arranging events for other South Africans in Korea. They’ve already held a successful braai and dinner. They seem pretty keen to try and form a community of South Africans here, which I think is a great idea.

TEFL sites and Forums

Dave’s Esl Cafe

The ultimate ESL site, here you can find better jobs than anywhere else. Check out the forums – there are questions and discussions on every topic you can dream of and even ESL resources available.


The wiki for teaching English in Korea. It has been recently made and is extremely helpful. It’s independent, so not part of a recruitment company, which makes it more reliable. You can also add to it. You shouldn’t come to Korea before checking out this site.

Learn Korean

Sogang Korean Programme


The Daily Kimchi

Wine Korea

Good reviews of wines available in Korea. Good for those longing for the Cape winelands…

A spot of English

Seoul Selection

A publishing company that publishes a wonderful English magazine for Seoul every month, has a very good bookshop with every book you ever wanted about Korea in English, from poems to cooking. And they host events throughout the year, show movies etc. A really good site to keep you busy when you live in Korea.

What the Book?

An English book store in Seoul that delivers all over the country. Free shipping for anything over w25,000. The books here are cheaper than some Exclusive book stores I know in South Africa…


Korea Tourism Agency

The official website with everything about Korea, especially travelling and sightseeing and everything else.

Life in Korea

An independent travel website, about life in Korea.

Adventure Korea

A company that organises tours around Korea on weekends. They cater for foreigners living in Seoul, not tourists, and they are laid back, but well organised. You can always meet many foreigners on their trips and they are not overly expensive. A very good way to get to know Korea and make friends.


A travel agency to book your flights and they also offer tours for foreigners.

Latest exchange rates (with graphs)

Yahoo Finance


Korea Post

Korean Education Departments

Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE)

English Programme in Korea (EPIK)

Gyeonggi-do English Programme in Korea (GEPIK)

Korean Government Departments

The official government website for the country Korea. Everything you might need.

Korean National Tax Service (the site is not so user friendly, but click around and you’ll find what you are looking for)

Korean National Pension Service (Click on the link on the top for the English page)


South African Embassy in Korea

Korean Embassy in South Africa

South African Government Departments

Department of Foreign Affairs Legalisation Section

South African Revenue Service


One response to “Links

  1. lauren schilder

    hello there!!!

    I cannot tell you how happy i am that i came across your site, especially for SOUTH AFRICANS already residing in korea, or planning to go there. I fall in the latter category, I am recent graduate student undertaking my first overseas adventure!!! my friend and i are coming to South Korea’s, Gyeonggi province in May, and are experiencing a mixture of emotions, caught up in excitement and the anticipation of what awaits us on the other side.
    hopefully we may be able to keep in touch with you?thanks for an informative site!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your day

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