Korean Pension Guide for Foreigners (2.5MB)

Korean Income Tax Guide (1.4MB)

Living in Gyeonggi Province: A Practical Guide for Foreigners (2.4MB)


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  1. Thanks so much guys! Schjoo- am looking at being in Korea by May, your blog is so helpful compared to the whiney whinging ‘mericans poo pooing everything and comparing it to ‘back home’.

    One thing I do want to ask- have they asked you to teach english with an American accent? I’ve heard this is the norm?

    Thanks, keep writing!


  2. Well, I’m teaching at a public school and haven’t been asked to speak in a ghastly American accent. Yet. But the kids understand an American accent a bit better. So some pronunciation and spelling has to change.

    I have also heard that some people have been asked to fake an American accent, though I think this is more at the hagwons. But no-one I’ve spoken to.


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  4. Hi,

    Your blog has been really helpful.
    My contract will be finished in June and I was stressing that I would have to pay towards pension(I still am).
    It seems that my employee has been deducting 3,3% tax from my 1,9 million salary(100 000 won per month).
    When my co-worker and I tried to ask him he brushed the question aside and told us that we dont have anything to worry about.

    I don’t know what to do?

  5. I’m glad you like the blog. Always nice to get some positive feedback!

    I take it you are working at a hagwon? If so, then the tax deduction would probably be in order. It seems to be about the correct rate. I work at a public school, and I don’t pay income tax so I’m not that clued up about tax payments.

    With the pension fund deductions, you are in luck. South Africans are exempt from making payments to the pension fund. So even if your employer isn’t above board with the payments, you are exempt anyway so it doesn’t matter.

    Here’s a link to a guide to pension payments in Korea:

    It is pretty clear about the fact that South Africans are exempt. If you have any doubts, they have a number you can call. You can find it here:

  6. I wish all this had been available the last time I taught in Korea. This time, however, I am even more lost as I have to apply for a E1 visa. A uni in Seoul has offered me a position, but I have to do EVERYTHING myself…If anyone has any advice, please reply. Thanks.

  7. Hi Sheridene

    Can you maybe tell me what you mean by “everything”? Do you have to arrange all the documents/visas/flights and the like by yourself?

    If you can sketch a bit more information about your situation, I can do some digging and see where I might be able to help.


  8. Thank you so much for your work on this site-it has provided more info in 20mins reading then 4 months of emails! I am hoping to make it to S Korea by the 18th Feb for the orientation, but my CRC is taking forever, and hense, I have not sent any of my documentation (ie. Application form, reference letters, degree etc) to EPIK who im am working with. It is so frustrating being held up by SA’s incompetence! Anyway, Im still a bit confussed about all this apostille stuff-i’ve asked Pretoria to apostille my CRC, but am yet to recieve it back from Pretoria to see if it’s been done… it just seems like i’m never going to get my contract and get to the stage where I will be able to apply for my visa/book my ticket. 18th Feb is looking a bit unrealistic & it’s so annoying!!! Sorry for the complaints, im just worried that im not doing paperwork correctly! Anyways, suppose it’s a good test of patience if nothing else… Paul Collins

    • Hi Paul

      I’m glad you have found this website useful. It’s always good to hear!

      I’m now back in Korea, so I can give you a better response to your problems. I’m sorry to hear that you are having so many problems in SA getting your CRC and the apostille. I had few problems with it.

      Ok, first, when did you apply for your CRC? It usually takes about 40 days (including weekends), so it may still be in the works.

      Secondly, did you ask the Police Central Registry to apostille your criminal record check? They can’t do it. It has to be sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Legalisation Section in Pretoria for this. It can all be done by post, though, or even through a courier service. I did mine all through post, as I was in Cape Town. I wrote a brief description of how to do this (with links to the DFA website) here:

      It is a bit of a long process, so it does take some time. Can you tell me exactly what you have done, and maybe I can see if there is anything you may have missed.


  9. Thank you for this page it is really help full. I arrived here on Monday and have to go work tomorow but feel ill equiped any ideas> I am not sure where ecxactly I am but will be teaching at Seulbong Elementary

  10. Hi!

    First of all – welcome to Korea!

    The first day is always the worst. I was very nervous about it, but it all went swimmingly. It depends on your school as to what will be expected from you. But since the students are probably still on vacation at the moment, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to teach. It’ll probably be a meet and greet with the principal, vice-principal and your co-teachers. Dress nice.

    What is always a good idea is to have some sort of introduction lesson planned. I teach middle school students, so I don’t have any ideas of how to do this for elementary students. But if you do a google search you’ll probably get some ideas. The kids will definitely be interested in who you are and where you come from. Some photos of family and your home will go down well, and if you have some objects to pass around for the kids to touch would be good. You can get them to describe these, and guess who’s in the pictures/what these objects are. Just something off the top of my head. Hopefully your co-teachers will be able to give you an idea of what they expect.

    At the moment, though, the students will probably not be at the school. Your school may also give you some prep time before your first lesson to get settled in (though they might not, also. You never know).


  11. Hi. SARS does not issue residence certificates, only tax clearance certificates. Where can I get a residence certificate for tax exemption?

  12. Thandazile Valencia

    Hi ,hope I can get help and direction. I’m a qualified teacher currently working here in South Africa. To teach in South Korea could be the best ever for me but I don’t have information on how to go about it.

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