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This site is for all those South Africans teaching English in Korea, and for all those who are thinking about heading that way. It is the product of many wasted hours trying to find information and advice for South Africans in between all the stuff out there for Americans, Canadians, Englishman, Irishman and our cousins in Australia and New Zealand. You will all be glad to know that no, we are not all the same. In fact, we come from a different country, so different rules and processes sometimes apply. So, after surfing the forums and chatting to lots of South Africans in Korea, here is a little guide I’ve put together for all South Africans in Korea and those thinking about going.

There is lots of information and advice out there for living in Korea and getting organised to come over. So what I’ve tried to do here is to include information on how this process differs for South Africans, and some helpful stuff for once you are in the country. I’ve also included a news section on the front page, so that you can keep up to date with some of the latest developments. But please keep in mind that this is a work in progress…



Some important info:

  1. This is not an official guide of any sort. I’ve tried to get as much accurate information as possible, but policies change, people change and bureaucrats are unpredictable. This is as accurate as I can make it. Help me keep it that way.
  2. Comments and suggestions are VERY welcome. What may be relevant to me won’t be relevant to everyone else. If I have something wrong, please let me know. There is a convenient “Contact” page and a place for comments on each page for this very purpose.
  3. This is a website about helping South Africans going to KOREA. This is NOT a place to vent your frustrations or for complaining about South Africa. I love South Africa and can’t wait to get back there when I’m done travelling the world. If you have an urge to complain and moan, please take your ignorance and lack of breeding to London.


I’m a South African working in a town (though I’ve been told it’s actually a city) north of Seoul, in the wilds of Gyeonngi-do. GEPIK placed me, a 27-year old man, in a girls’ middle school, and my wife, a 27-year old woman, in a co-ed technical high school, and no-one thinks this is odd. And after being in Korea for a while, neither do I.

TB enjoying a refreshing Coca-Cola in Beijing.


9 responses to “About

  1. Haha nice one TB – If you have an urge to complain and moan, please take your ignorance and lack of breeding to London – loving it!

    Good luck in Korea man, need a report on possible dangers and risks? hehehehehe


  2. Keep up the good work!

  3. What a great website! I’ve spent months trying to find some of the info on your site, and still haven’t come right with most of it. Gee I wish I’d found it sooner. Will be recommending it to all my mates. Good work!

  4. Lank cool blog, and super helpful. Thanks for lettting me browse around. The tips are winners.

  5. Great site TB! I am starting with the application process now for the Feb intake next year and really looking forward to the experience. Using the Teach Korea agency. I see from your previous posts that you left Korea last year. Could we still pick your brain on this site?

    • Hi Petra

      I’m glad you like the site. Some of the info may be a little dated now, but most should still be good. Yip, if you need to ask some questions, I’m more than willing to help where I can, or at a the very least try and point you in the right direction. So what would you like to know?

  6. Hi TB! Such an awesome and helpful site! Really stoked I found it! What agency did you go through and were they helpful once you were in Korea? Also what’s your take on the TEFL Course? I have a Honours BA Degree so do I really need to do the TEFL?
    Thinking of going next year!

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