Free trip to Southeast Asia

Beach in ThailandOne of the nicest things about teaching in Korea is the free flights. The schools usually pay for a one-way flight to Korea from South Africa, as well as a one-way ticket home at the end of your contract (unless you are renewing, in which case you get a free return flight home and back to Korea).

The oddest thing about this, though, is that the schools tend to insist that they will only pay for one-way flights, and will only reimburse half the price of a return flight, even if the return flight is CHEAPER than a one-way flight. I still can’t wrap my head around this one.

In any case, I’m in the last three weeks of my contract and I can now start getting excited about my trip home. I’m not renewing, so it’ll be a one-way flight for me. But I’ve managed to organise myself something interesting. Because there are no non-stop direct flights to South Africa from Korea, you usually have to stop over somewhere, usually in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai or Qatar. I like Asian airlines, so I decided to see if I could arrange a flight on Singapore Airlines. Last time I flew with them, back in 2006, it was awesome!

Luckily for me Singapore Airlines had some decently priced one-way flights (about 1,100,000 won, one-way). So my school was willing to pay for this. “Hang on,” I thought. “Hmmm…Singapore…close to Thailand and Cambodia…” and then it hit me. Beaches! Sunshine! Cheap food! Fresh fruit! Yes! Maybe, just maybe, I  could arrange to stay over in Southeast Asia a bit on my way home.

And wouldn’t you know it, the Singapore Airlines flight home was pretty much the same price whether I flew straight home or stayed for a month. So I decided to try and arrange a month-long stay in Southeast Asia, and my school had no problem paying for the ticket. In fact I have already been reimbursed. Awesome!

So on 1 March I’ll be landing in Singapore, and on 3 March I’ll be in Cambodia enjoying Angkor Wat. After that it’s off to Thailand’s beaches for a nice dose of sea and sand. I have a grin on my face already. The best part is, because of the free flights, I should be able to get away with less than R5,000 for my accommodation, transport and food for more than a month in Southeast Asia. Un-be-lievable!

So long, Korea, and thanks for all the flights.


3 responses to “Free trip to Southeast Asia

  1. Awesome!! Wow TB! You go and have great time! I for one am sad to see you go as I have benefited so much from your blogs!!

    I really hope you get someone to take over from you!!!

    Blessings with whatever you plan to do in the future!

  2. Hi Mandy

    Thanks! I’m really looking forward to this trip.

    Thanks for all the great support. I’m glad you got some good info from the site.

    Good luck for the rest of your time in Korea. I hope you enjoy it!


  3. If onlyI could be so lucky when my contract comes to an end…! (Als…will be winter then…)Pls keep me posted on your travels/tour, as I might follow in your under-R5,000-footsteps. Feel free to use my email address above. Thx and have fun.

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