Cruising the Han River

Cruising the Han River

Last weekend I surprised my wife with a night cruise on the Han River in Seoul. It was a lot of fun, and I thought pretty romantic (something hard to find here in Korea).

The cruises run from either Yeouido island or Jamsil dock. We took one from Yeouido. The boats run about every hour, and since it’s pretty cold already we didn’t have to deal with much in the way of crowds.

Cruising the Han River II

It was a very nice outing, and definitely recommended to get a different view on the city. The trip we did (Yeouido-Yangwha-Yeouido) took about an hour. The cruise boat dock has places to get some coffee or beer, as well as a couple of restaurants (including a KFC). We arrived a little early for the next ferry, but had a good time enjoying our coffee while waiting for the boat to dock.

There is also a little bar/coffee shop on the boat itself, so you can grab something to drink or snack on while cruising.

Yeouido Ferry dock

Cost: 11,000 won per person (Yeouido-Yanghwa-Yeouido)

Getting there: To catch the Yeouido Ferry, take Subway line 5 and get off at Yeouinaru Station. Walk out exit 3, and walk straight ahead. First chance you get walk down to the park area along the river bank. It’s easier to see the dock and restaurants on the river from there. The dock should be a five-minute walk from the subway exit.

More information can be found at the links below:

And some more info from other blogs:


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