Got Biltong?


Last week I got my first delivery of biltong from The Biltong Guy. I held onto it until the weekend so I could really sit down and enjoy the flavour. And it was worth it! The texture, wetness and flavour were just the way I like it. And, man, did I enjoy the aroma. It put an instant smile on my face.

The Biltong Guy took really good care in making sure that my biltong would get to me in good condition. It was well-sealed in a ziplock bag, with a sachet of dessicant to keep the moisture at bay. The ziplock bag was packed in bubblewrap, inside a small box. And best of all, the package got to me within a day of being dispatched. I was impressed by the effort taken to make sure nothing would happen to my biltong. I like a man who takes biltong seriously.

If you’re missing some taste of home, contact The Biltong Guy. I’ll be sending in another order VERY soon.

You can get hold of him here:


3 responses to “Got Biltong?

  1. Prices??? what did that bag cost – everything included? I am dying for some real meat man!!!
    Soup and rice is fun for a while – but if you’re a spoilt brat from sensual South-Africa you need meat! Beef. Something you can get your teeth in!! I’m sure you know what I mean!

  2. Hi Maria

    Sorry, can’t quote on prices. You’ll have to email The Biltong Guy for his current prices. I don’t want to tell you one thing and the prices have since gone up/down. But it was definitely worth it! Especially for some variety. There’s only so much kimchi I can take.

  3. Hi,
    biltong in South Korea… pretty good !
    If one day you decide to teach english in France (and we really need it) don’t hesitate to contact me.
    I start to sell biltong in France.

    bye !

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