TB the Humdrum Teacher! Or, A Day in the Life of Teacher TB II

Back in March, I wrote about what an average day at my school was like. This was about two weeks after I arrived. You can read about it here.

For the most part it hasn’t changed all that much. I still catch the bus at 07:30, and get to school before 08:00. I still (officially) teach 22 lessons a week. But the teaching thing is a lot easier. My delusions of grandeur have been refined by the reality of classes of 35 students, many of whom can’t even read English, nevermind understand a word I’m saying. And the excitement of having a new foreign teacher has thankfully subsided. Being the centre of attention wherever you go gets old VERY quickly.

So now my days generally look like this: get into the office at 08:00. Check my emails, do some prep for classes and generally settle in for the day. Depending on the day I’ll teach two to three lessons before lunch. But, depending on the level of the students and the co-teacher, these lessons may range from real language classes, to simple vocabulary lessons, to me playing the much sought after role of walking CD-player.

Lunch happens at 12:20, and afterwards I head back to the office to do whatever admin, prep or websurfing catches my eye. Lunchtime ends at 13:10, and then we have two to three more lessons, depending on the day. I usually don’t teach more than two of these.

The normal school lessons end at 15:10, and then the kids clean the school. I still get a kick out of that, even after six months. Then I spend the rest of the day doing prep or admin or whatever, until 16:30 when I can go home. And that, as humdrum as it sounds, is pretty much an average day. Not too bad, huh?


3 responses to “TB the Humdrum Teacher! Or, A Day in the Life of Teacher TB II

  1. yes – that’s pretty much it – same here – and that’s one of the ‘plus’ points of teaching in korea – you know what to expect – with a few little exceptions i must admit – like today when i got home and thought my clock is wrong – because it was an hour early – but my clock was not wrong after all – i miss the excitement of south africa a little though – heavens, why can’t one ever be satisfied!

  2. oh – and then there are moments like today – i find my one parttime co-teacher in my conversation classroom not looking very hot – she told me earlier she has stomach pains – i asked her now what could be the cause – she says something, i hear i ate dog – i go through a little moment of big inner turmoil and eventually manage to blurt – well, hopefully that was the last time you ate THAT – and then she said – but you know it is very healthy – i read that’s a proven myth – there’s nothing exceptionally healthy about dogmeat – and i said well maybe the dogs are not good anymore – and then she said – not dog but dock = duck – oh i said most relieved – do you know about ostrich meat … that was all i could think of saying then – actually i wanted to toyi-toyi so relieved i was! but that’s the pronunciation funnies one still get here – writing ‘Withchy the witch’ on the board seem to be doing good work concerning getting whichy for which – because i have been promising Beechies to fight beachy for beach – nothing wrong with funny expressions, they’re funny at least, but it makes an inelegant impression in an otherwise elegant person … in short, korea is an adventure – that’s for sure!

  3. I had a similar experience when I first started at my school. We went for dinner, and my co-teachers told me were going to eat dog. I didn’t want to, but I figured it would be really rude to refuse the first meal with my co-teachers and my principal. Thank goodness afterwards I found out it was actually duck!

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