Where are all the blogs?

I’ve been looking for other blogs written by South Africans living and working in Korea. I thought I’d link to these and we’d do some networking. I post on yours, you post on mine kind of thing. But so far I have been pretty disappointed. I haven’t found one single other blog about South Africans in Korea. Zip. Squat. Nada. Niks.

I’m convinced that there must be something, and maybe I’m just not typing the right search terms or something. Though “South Africans” AND “South Korea” seems descriptive enough to me. If anyone know of decent blogs out there, please let me know!


2 responses to “Where are all the blogs?

  1. http://koadventure.blogspot.com/

    This blogspot belongs to friends of mine who have taken on the SK adventure. I am flying in on 21 August and after 1 week training in Seoul should be bussed out to Chungcheongnam-do but dont know which town yet.

  2. Hi Mandy!

    Thanks for the link. Glad to see that there are actually more South Africans writing blogs out there.

    Are you excited about your trip here yet?

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