Impersonal interviews

Since the December 2007 changes to the E-2 visa regulations, people applying for this visa for the first time have needed to have an interview at the Korean consulate in their home country. This has been a hassle for most people – especially South Africans. There is only one consulate in SA, and that’s in Pretoria.

Luckily since April 2008 the consulate has made concessions for people not living anywhere near Gauteng. People can now send a CD with a video of themselves answering some basic questions, instead of going all the way to Pretoria for what is usually a very short interview.

One of the readers of this blog, Terisa, has been kind enough to send me the Korean consulate’s guidelines for this video interview. You can read the details by clicking here. I’ve placed more information on the Visas page as well.

Even though this document has lots of very helpful info on how to save the video you have made of yourself, including step-by-step instructions for burning the CD, it does lack some hints on how to actually make the video. Here I have to admit I’m also pretty clueless. My thoughts are that someone who is savvy enough to make a video of themselves probably doesn’t need detailed instructions on how to burn a CD.

If someone out there has some hints and tips on the best (and cheapest) way to make a video of yourself, I’m sure quite a few people would appreciate it if you could post it here.



One response to “Impersonal interviews

  1. Well, it looks like any digital camera that can take short films will work. I’ve just chatted to a South African who did this CD interview. She used a normal digital camera (you know, a point and shoot still camera) and recorded a ten-minute interview of herself. She just made sure that the file downloaded to her computer in .mpeg format.

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