Demo lesson today

Well, it’s been a busy and VERY stressful week. I’ve been preparing for a demo lesson which will be presented today. It’s apparently a BIG DEAL with the schools here, and a good lesson is important for the school’s reputation. I’ll have 20 people watching the lesson, including a vice-principal from another school, someone from the local education office, and some other English teachers, including some native speakers.

What a drama. You wouldn’t believe it.

Well, for some odd reason my day has pretty much been cleared, so I basically only have my demo lesson to do. This is great, except that all the prep has already been done, so I very little to do. But, I finally get a chance to do some updates on this site. I’ll be working on this today and the weekend, so keep an eye out.

Oh, and hold thumbs for the demo lesson!



3 responses to “Demo lesson today

  1. Heaven’s forbid – that sounds rough – but thanx for the info – must still go through such a ‘showcase’ – installation?! – but I am getting a bit worried though – I am finding that a lot goes into ‘admin’ and ‘shows’ and such odd things – is that a taste of the future of the world – this absolute meticulous checking up, not to speak of all the time & money that goes into such showcase-makings – how much time is left for thinking and feeling and weighing options and so forth? I tell myself this country has little ground (literal) to play and wander on, and wonder in – hiking is big though I must say – but mostly the retired it seems to me – and so they must have other means to kill time … I wish however they could get the same kind of meticulousness when it comes to smell and sight and other dirt & pollution issues … also other things … Here by me the school (not mine) just came out – it is 21h00 on a Friday … many mountains little free ground … keep the kids busy and safe? School was a nightmare to me – I was a self-learner – slept in school and figured things out for myself at home … more magical that way – boring teacher spoilt things – one or two teachers worth listening to – I feel sorry for such a kid in this country! …

  2. So how did the lesson go??

  3. Well, the lesson went better than expected. My co-teacher put in a lot of effort, and the kids were way better behaved than normal. Especially with the crowd hanging out at the back of the room making copious notes.

    It’s pretty much all for show, and the fact that it was well polished (since we’d practiced the lesson beforehand with other classes) made it easy. I’m just really glad it’s over!

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