Two new pages

The students and teachers at my school are busy preparing for mid-term exams, so I’ve been left to twiddle my thumbs. The end result is two new pages on this website! Talk about time well spent.

The first new page is Resources. Here I’ve included links to websites that have helpful content for lesson plans and materials, as well as some powerpoints and other materials that I’ve used in my own lessons. My focus has been on links and materials relevant to teaching at public schools in Korea, but I’ll be adding additional resources as the year goes along.

The second new page is Qualifications. This covers the kind of qualifications you can get to teach in Korea, and whether you really need one. There are also links to some language schools in South Africa that offer TEFL certification courses. This list of schools is far from comprehensive. Instead I’ve included schools that I’ve either dealt with personally, or have heard about from friends.

As always, comments are welcome, as well as recommendations for content.




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