Phoning home and watching Macgyver

I’m really enjoying the cheap access to fast internet here in Korea. After a bit of hassle to get it organised, we now pay R300 a month for unlimited access to the internet, at speeds up to 100Mbps. Woohoo! The best I ever got back home was maybe 1Mbps, and my bandwidth was capped at 1GB per month. I downloaded more than that this morning!

Not only do I get to watch old episodes of MacGyver, which is gloriously cheesy and full of terrible yet enjoyable acting, but it is also really easy to keep contact with all my family and friends back in sunny SA. Email is the usual culprit, with blogs and Facebook a close second. I have also started making extensive use of Skype. I have managed to speak to all my family, on cellphones and landlines, in SA and the UK, and I’ve still yet to finish the 10 Euros worth of Skype airtime that I bought.

A couple of people have told me that they use phonecards here to call home, but Skype seems to me to be way cheaper. I pay local call rates to phone anyone back home, and I can recharge my airtime while I’m chatting. Sure beats finding a public phone somewhere, and sitting in the cold and wet trying to hold a decent conversation!


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