The first post from Korea

The past few weeks have been hectic, hence the lack of recent posts. We arrived in Korea last week, and have been running around arranging accommodation, cellphones, medical checks, bank accounts… you name it. I only got an internet connection sorted out last night!

I need to put in a couple of retractions. Firstly, Vodacom’s SMS Roamer does not work here. Maybe we did something wrong, but I don’t think so. So chuck that idea. Secondly, I feel that I need to mention that Dave’s ESL cafe is a wee bit misleading. I have found many of the posts and comments there to be inaccurate (and downright negative) about how things really are in Korea. It’s good for an idea of what’s happening here, but take it with a full salt shaker.

We’ve been placed in a town about an hour north of Seoul, which is pretty convenient. And I was pleasantly surprised to find pretty much anything we wanted in the supermarkets here. And from what I read I thought I’d struggle to find anything familiar! I even eat cornflakes and yoghurt in the mornings. Just like home! I even found the vitamin supplement that I take in a pharmacy here! And of course a couple of things that I left behind are sorely missed, with bedding being one of them.

Now’s the settling in period. We have landed in a town which already has two other South Africans, so a piece of home is not too far away. Let’s just hope I’ll be able to find some stronger coffee. Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are setting in!


One response to “The first post from Korea

  1. crazy times man! getting those admin tasks done sounds real fun, especially the medical checks. i don’t want to know.

    good to know you two are settling in. good luck with the coffee 🙂

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