I’m going to miss the cheap wine…

My wife and I have just spent the last couple of years living in Cape Town, with part of that in Stellenbosch. Apart from the great lifestyle that this entailed (which I’m also going to miss) we got a little bit spoilt with the great selection of ridiculously cheap wine.

I’ve been trying to find out about finding some decent (cheap) wine in Korea, and it seems like we are in for one hell of a disappointment. Nederburg seems to go for W17,000 (R120) and Two Oceans for W13,000 (R90) at Emart (thanks Marie for the info!). The cheapest I’ve heard of so far is a W10,000 (R70) bottle of Nederburg Chardonnay, which was on special at Lotte sometime last year. How depressing. I’ve gotten used to getting away with less than R30 for a half-way decent bottle of wine! According to this article from the Korea Times there are now more than 20 importers of South African wine into Korea. I’m hoping the range available is going to grow beyond Nederburg and Two Oceans. Not that I’m an expert, but I do like variety! In the meantime I’m keeping my eye on the wine korea blog. Every now and again he reviews a South African wine he has discovered in Korea. Excellent resource!

In the meantime I’m debating the benefits of taking a couple of bottles with me. Hmmm…which is more important? Two bottles of wine or warm clothes….


4 responses to “I’m going to miss the cheap wine…

  1. me again

    yep wine in Korea is not really something you buy every day, but on the positive side. . .

    If you change Korean won to South African Rand you will always get a shock, but once you start earning Korean won and lots of it, then the wine is not so so expensive. (you just have to stop thinking in Rand)

    Also these days you can get a cheap imported wine from SA in Emart, its called Obikwa goes for 6900 won per bottle.(R50) ( It’s quite decent wine. But you won’t get anything cheaper! Beyerskloof and Simonsvlei are ones I have also seen here so far and there are others but they go into $40 per bottle or more.

    Wine that is quite popular and good here is Chilean wine, so leave those SA bottles at home, pack a few more bottles of deodorant (more difficult to find here than wine) and try some other wines and be adventurous.

  2. Well, now I know where my salary is going to go. Always wanted to try out some Chilean wine. Any excuse…

  3. Just went to this new winebar in Itaewon in Seoul. They opened recently and they are wonderful. Very classy with the best wines and you can buy wines in cases from SA or other (around 20 to 30 000 won per bottle).

    But the best part is 6 to 8 happy hour with all their wines by glass for half price. Usually in any bar or place you will pay 6000won for a glass of wine, just any glass of wine, here you can pick and choose the best wines and enjoy it for 4000 won per glass, really not bad. I will have to go back, it was so good! They also had a South African wine evening a while back. Seoul is becoming more and more globally minded by the day.

  4. @luthien: Would you mind sharing the name of the wine bar?

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